Welcome to the Blue Lounge Social Club

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blue Lounge Social Club

  1. Hi Jack,
    Great to hear you guys are back on deck.
    I was wondering if you had heard of the “Light Blues Club” over in the UK. They seem to have a very similar goal to you guys in the BLSC. It might be worth getting in contact to see if you guys can work together in the UK and share resources. Just google them, many UK towns have them. Here is one that I have been in contact with http://www.fhlbc.co.uk

    1. Hi Bro Steve,
      Thank you for the message and for the ongoing support! We are glad to be back in action.
      I am very familiar with the Light Blues Club in some of the provinces in the UK. We used the Light Blues Club and the Connaught Club as an inspiration for our structure and method when we moved to our current model a few years back. Although we have some major things in common I think the scope and work of the BLSC is a lot more broader and about grassroots change than the others, but I couldn’t agree more about making contact and sharing ideas!
      I will shoot them an email – but feel free to get in contact to share any other ideas you have at jack.aquilina@blueloungesc.com
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Bro Steve!
      Jack Aquilina
      Chairman – International Association of BLSC’s

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