Our Mission

Our mission is the recruitment, retention, education and support of young freemasons. 


We recruit candidates through a channel of family and friends of existing freemasons and through engagement with the public

We build partnerships with youth groups in the community to expose them to the benefits of our craft and to establish its relevance in the lives of todays man

We engage the media, public and other forums as a fresh face for the craft in the eyes of the young members of the public

Bro Jack Aquilina is the Chairman of the International Association of Blue Lounge Social Clubs, State President of the Blue Lounge Social Club of Victoria Australia and Host of the Brought to Light Masonic Podcast


We provide young members  engaging events through which they can enjoy and discuss freemasonry

We support young members on nights of initiation and other milestones in their masonic careers

By supporting, educating and mentoring young members we help them find their place in our craft

We are the fresh face of freemasonry and are focused on developing positive energy, enthusiasm and experiences for young members

We are advocates for the views of young members to whom we give a voice of influence in a changing environment

We help build the networks, relationships and fraternal relations that count and result in a lifetime full of meaningful relationships that retains younger members in the craft

Bro Thibault Duche is a member of the State Executive of the Blue Lounge Social Club in Victoria, Australia


We support, supplement and provide opportunities for young freemasons to learn more about our craft through formal and informal platforms and events

We encourage members to make the most of their masonic journey and help them find their interests whilst facilitating their enjoyment of those interests

We assist lodges and younger members with their degree work, progression and fraternal exposure

We provide informal mentoring for young freemasons by young freemasons

WBro Simon Reynolds is the Immediate Past President of the Greater Gippsland Region Blue Lounge Social Club in Victoria, Australia


We are a resource for all young members to rely on for support, comfort and friendship during their masonic journey

We provide leadership and practical opportunities for self development or character building as we foster and nurture the young masonic leaders of the future

Bro Lucas Crandles is a proud member of the Blue Lounge Social Club and contributor to our Brought to Light Masonic Podcast

Freemasonry’s Young Leaders of Tomorrow 

It is our mission to do all we can to develop, foster and empower young freemasons to be the masonic leaders for a strong future for the craft.

Therefore we are making our goal to do all we can to assist aspiring young freemasons to build the skills and experiences necesary to help lead their lodges, districts and jurisdictions towards a path of positive change and growth. 


BLSC 2018 New Year Message

The State President of the Blue Lounge Social Club of Victoria and Chairman of the International Association of Blue Lounge Social Club's, Bro Jack Aquilina welcomes in the new year and talks about the exciting opportunities ahead for young Freemasons in 2018.

Posted by Blue Lounge Social Club on Monday, 15 January 2018


“Let 2018 be a year when young freemasons stand up and show their incredible skills and leadership.. the Blue Lounge Social Club is all about the future, its about securing the future of Freemasonry” Bro Jack Nathan Aquilina, Chairman International Association of Blue Lounge Social Clubs.